Pip is excellent, so professional, supportive, and inspirational I would recommend to anyone going through the pain and suffering of losing a loved one

Abigail Vines

Pip has really changed my life. Being very wary of counselling and struggling with mental health problems during the lockdown I found her presence to be warm, reassuring and has transformed my situation and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Max Power

Pip is a straight-talking lady with a huge heart. She is a smart lady and has the skill and knowledge to ask just the right questions. Through working with Pip I got my life back. She provided a serene, safe environment that freed me from years of angst. I regained my self-confidence and my old carefree spirit that I had been so missing.


It wasn't until I was sitting on my mum's couch talking to police officers that I realized I had been the victim of domestic abuse. Until then I was still believing that if I could stop getting things wrong if I wasn't so selfish, needy, could calm down and stop trying to run away when we argued that it would be ok. It was at this point I realized, I was totally broken, both in terms of grief at the loss of a life that I thought was real, and at myself for attracting and not spotting a person like that. I knew I needed to talk to someone about it, for no other reason than to stop it spilling out into my personal and working life. I tried to get counselling through help groups, but even when I finally got through to a group that could help, the waiting lists were huge. Finally, I decided to get therapy, rather than straight counselling, I didn't just need to get it off my chest, I needed someone who could also help, advise and give me coping strategies so I could build myself back up and be stronger and happier than I was before. This is where I found Pip, a therapist near where I was living, I wanted to see if she would be right for me, because no matter how good someone is if you don't feel they don't 'get' you, how can you open up? To my absolute joy, Pip was everything I could have hoped for in a therapist. Sharp, kind, nurturing, and most importantly determined to help me help myself. There started the long road to change, which although tough, and humbling, was bearable and often fun with Pip on my side to guide me through the freefall that was my self-reflection and ultimately recovery. I can't begin to express just how much Pip helped me, not just with tools, guidance, and thought exercises, but also by having someone who knew how far I'd come and how much work I had put in. I also realized how much having therapy would have helped me years ago, so would encourage anyone to take time out and work on themselves, and if you do I would recommend Pip with all my heart.