19th April 2020

Dreams in uncertain times

Why COVID 19 might be affecting our sleep pattern. The world has been turned upside down from the coronavirus pandemic, and people everywhere are experiencing […]
7th April 2020

The process of learning Acceptance

  The first time the term  “acceptance” was really brought to my attention was in personal therapy 10 years ago.  We were discussing my illness […]
22nd March 2020

Coping in the current COVID-19 crisis

  It is no secret that stress plays a significant role in and can consequently have profound impacts on both our physical and psychological health. […]
3rd March 2020

Relational Needs and Loneliness

  What are Relational needs? They are our emotional necessities that are met through social connections. Being socially connected is the experience of feeling close […]
26th January 2020

New Year Resolutions and why they dont last.

The New Year symbolises a fresh start because of this many of us have a strong desire to make changes in our life, rather like […]
1st January 2020

Anger and Aggressive Outbursts

The emotion of anger is entirely natural, and it is normal to feel angry when you’ve been wronged or mistreated. Despite its negative connotations, anger […]
3rd November 2019

Social Media’s impact on mental health and well being.

  Over the past decade, social media has had a huge impact on our society and us as individuals. As a result, it has become […]
6th October 2019

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a term that has become popular in recent years, often used in conversations but not always fully understood. So what is Emotional […]
17th August 2019

Healthy boundaries.

  This blog is to help those of us who feel like we cannot say no and as a result, become frustrated and overwhelmed, because […]