2nd January 2022

Attachment and Trauma.

Attachment is the term we use to describe the emotional connections we make with certain, influential people in our lives that last over significant periods […]
2nd August 2021

Guilt Vs Shame

Guilt and Shame are both negative emotions, that come in response to our actions and behaviors.  They are typically driven by our beliefs and expectations. […]
7th May 2021

Deep Relaxations Technique Recording

Deep Relaxations Technique Recording
26th January 2021

Loss and Grief

Living through a global pandemic has affected all of us, it has highlighted that life can be fragile, precarious, and impermanent. We all have our […]
8th November 2020

Understanding our mind

The ‘human mind’ can be characterised by two parts. The top part or outer layer is our conscious mind, responsible for the day to day […]
28th August 2020

Overcoming Fear

It is said that man’s greatest enemy is fear. Fear is behind many of our failures, ill-health, poor communication and moments in which we feel […]
19th July 2020

Pips top Tips for managing your emotional states.

We all get pulled out of shape, experience disruptions and disturbances from our normal routine and face setbacks/challenges from time to time. When we are […]
19th May 2020

Social Distanced & Remote Sessions

Following last week’s government guidance, to return to work if it is safe to do so, I am now seeing clients in a social distancing […]
10th May 2020

Imprints, embedded memories and our belief systems

Imprints or embedded memories make up our belief system, which affects the way we see ourselves, others and the world. When something impactful happens to […]