Welcome To Pip Stacy Counselling

I offer counselling therapy to individuals and couples either by face-to-face or online via Zoom and WhatsApp.

I work with a range of conditions; from poor communication skills to overwhelming feelings of anxiety, depression, grief, anger, suicidal ideations and helplessness.

I work from my private home office which is situated in a quiet rural village.

As a long-term sufferer of an incurable degenerative autoimmune disease, I understand some of the challenges that life situations can present.

I am a qualified counsellor in Humanistic Counselling based on Transactional Analysis and NLP practitioner. I am also a member of the BACP.

My Ethos

I believe that given the right help and environment, we all have the ability to make choices and changes in our life no matter what is thrown at us.

For many of us we get stuck in a spiral of unhelpful patterns of thinking and actions.

I provide a safe space for you to unravel your thought processes so you can make improved choices and navigate a way through turbulent times.

My aim is to help my clients grow and develop their self-agency and autonomy and update their scrip. Helping you to become the best you can be emotionally, relationally and psychologically.

My approach is open, honest, caring and direct.